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Better voip experience with:
Jabra, Plantronics headset and
Plathosys and Eutectics handset
and any standard audio devices

Simplified Receptionist Operation

All functions are optimized keeping in mind the work of a PBX receptionist which may use a headset, handset and/or handfree speaker
As an example, to answer and transfer an incoming call, the operator simply press the button for the incoming call to answer then press the button for the desired BLF extension and finally the transfer button.

A Note can be attached to each call, in order to have a reminder of the caller request, such as when the caller is put on hold and then, later, resumed. Notes are also permanently saved in the call list.
The BLF list shows the status of internal monitored extensions; from this page you can call the extensions by simply pressing the button, announce a call even if the extension is busy (barge in) or even pick-up a direct call when the person is absent (when these functionalities are enabled by the system administrator).

See the manual to get a better explanation of all features