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Jabra, Plantronics headset and
Plathosys and Eutectics handset
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Dialplate Console

Dialplate releases the first soft phone, built for attendants and call center operators, also usable as classic voip software phone with advanced features.


Dialplate is the best solution for attendant and call center operators, but also usable as a normal voip software phone, call management, transfer, hold, one-click calls and several other functions are optimized for these uses
The availability of advanced codecs such as the G729 allows their use even in remote locations and for teleworking
The possibility of having custom graphic themes, and custom logos, also make it the best choice for resellers and voip system integrators.

A free version of DRC is available for tests and non-commercial use with some restrictions on number of concurrent calls and BLFs and on call duration.
3 commercial versions were designed for small, medium-sized installations and for broad systems with a large number of telephone extensions

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Add Gigaset ION support
Add support for audio devices with utf8 devices name
Solved issue on machine with more than 16 ethernet adapters
Handle USB hot plug/unplug
Use SIP 486 "busy here" on manual call reject (instead of 480 "temporary unavailable") and adding these 2 options when configuring DND mode
Add operator password for allow access only to audio setting tab
Add open default external web browser on contact search
Solve bug on hangup on dial-out